Where The Sirens Waited

The Nature Strip

Where The Sirens Waited

Another glorious clip from Luke Bozzetto.

A sea-going epic with whales and dolphins, a giant octopus, fishes with wings, jealous mermaids, and of course, sirens luring the protagonist to who-knows-what, performed here in an inspired cameo by Zoë Carides.

It’s quite a trip, one of our faves.

Celebrating ten years of releases, we’ve remixed and remastered some work from the early days for a digital EP of remixes, most of which are not on the debut album Stars Turn Inside Out.

Everything is available here: Our Linktree page

The EP’s got four tracks:

“Beyond the Nether” – a punk/new wave vibe and a strange story involving sleep deprivation by John. First released on Stars “Handy Round Here” – as bluesy as TNS gets, with an unhinged lamenting vocal from Pete and genuine floor stomping instead of bass drum by John. First released as the b-side of the vinyl 45 of “Beyond the Nether” and previously unavailable on digital platforms

“Growing Up” – the Springsteen cover is the first recording of the enduring line-up of the group – Pete on bass, John on guitar, Matt Langley on keyboards and Jess Ciampa on drums. It was recorded for a Springsteen tribute for the group’s then label, Laughing Outlaw in 2013