The Nature Strip


“I Cannot Deny You” – new single released Feb 9, 2023

Single artwork  – William Mortensen Off To The Sabbath


Out of the future, here they come . . . if there really is a future in rock music. Rather, The Nature Strip does what any great pop band does: smash together the music of the past into some kind of joyful new design. “I Cannot Deny You” has the hip-swagger of rock and roll, the riffy bravado of Sixties garage rock, and power pop hooks for days.

“I Cannot Deny You” is a co-write between The Nature Strip’s two prime movers. Pete Marley wrote the killer riff and chord sequences and sent them to John Encarnação, singing only the title hook. John wrote the lyrics and melodies around that prompt and sent it back within a day.

 Job done.

This is the third Nature Strip single in twelve months, following on from 2022’s “Surgery” and “Sixth Sense”. It’s part of the campaign ramping up to the Sydney-based band’s album #4, on which steady progress is being made. First though, there’ll be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of their 2013 debut. Stay tuned . . .

Available on Bandcamp and the streamers from 9/2/2023.