The Nature Strip


New release: Beyond The Sirens (remix EP)

Release date: 24 May 2023, all streaming platforms.

5 May 2023 Bandcamp exclusive pre-release single “Where the Sirens Waited” (feat. Zoë Carides).

It’s ten years since we released our debut album Stars Turn Inside Out. We’re celebrating with (1) a gig on 2 June at the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville where we’ll play the album in full, followed by a set of more recent tunes, and (2) an EP of remixes of some of their earliest recordings, most of which are not on the album.

The 4-track EP Beyond The Sirens launches “Handy Round Here” properly into the digital domain. It’s the first co-write by Pete Marley and John Encarnação from 2009, and is as bluesy as TNS gets, with an unhinged wine-fuelled vocal from Pete, genuine floor stomping instead of bass drum by John, and some slide guitar courtesy of musical buddy Michael de la Motte.

“Beyond the Nether” is one of the stand-out tracks of Stars. It boasts a punk/new wave vibe and a strange story involving sleep deprivation. Funnily enough, the start of the song was in John’s head when he woke up one morning – he just had to follow the trail.

The Springsteen cover “Growing Up” is the first recording of our enduring line-up – Pete on bass, John on guitar, Matt Langley on keyboards and Jess Ciampa on drums. It was recorded for a Springsteen tribute for our then label, Laughing Outlaw, and we reckon it sparkles and soars.

Then there’s “Where The Sirens Waited”. An early co-write, John had all the music but no words. He sent it to Pete, who write a sea-going epic featuring whales and dolphins, a giant octopus, fishes with wings, jealous mermaids, and of course, sirens luring the protagonist to who-knows-what, performed here in an inspired cameo by Zoë Carides. It’s quite a trip, one of Pete and John’s faves.

Meanwhile, there’s accelerating progress on our fourth album, due early next year, with another single before the year is out.

“I Cannot Deny You” – new single released Feb 9, 2023

Single artwork  – William Mortensen Off To The Sabbath


Out of the future, here they come . . . if there really is a future in rock music. Rather, The Nature Strip does what any great pop band does: smash together the music of the past into some kind of joyful new design. “I Cannot Deny You” has the hip-swagger of rock and roll, the riffy bravado of Sixties garage rock, and power pop hooks for days.

“I Cannot Deny You” is a co-write between The Nature Strip’s two prime movers. Pete Marley wrote the killer riff and chord sequences and sent them to John Encarnação, singing only the title hook. John wrote the lyrics and melodies around that prompt and sent it back within a day.

 Job done.

This is the third Nature Strip single in twelve months, following on from 2022’s “Surgery” and “Sixth Sense”. It’s part of the campaign ramping up to the Sydney-based band’s album #4, on which steady progress is being made. First though, there’ll be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of their 2013 debut. Stay tuned . . .

Available on Bandcamp and the streamers from 9/2/2023.

“Sixth Sense” – released May 26, 2022.

It’s a tale of unease. What was said? What was done? Something’s not quite right.

It’s a feast of guitars and harmonies written by Pete and recorded between lockdowns from May to December 2021 as part of a group of songs intended for our fourth album.

“Surgery” – the first new song for more than 3 years! Released Feb 18

“Surgery” is the first fruit of some new energy from The Nature Strip. The music is tough while the lyric is vulnerable – what is this thing called love? It’s like surgery, actually. A punked-up Motown groove is the foundation for a tough take on mid-1980s jangle – R.E.M. sure, but perhaps more specifically Game Theory, Orange Juice and Hoodoo Gurus. It’s the kind of pop-tastic hybrid we’ve been laying down since our debut album in 2013.

We’ve been on hiatus since late 2018 while their two songwriters pursued other projects. In 2020 Pete Marley released his debut album as Marveline (Savoury-Toothed Tiger, on Marleybone), and John Encarnacao released his fourth as Warmer (Wooden Box with Strings, on Half a Cow). 

In May 2021 they got back in the studio with drummer Jess Ciampa and keyboardist Matt Langley to commence work on some new stuff. “Surgery” came together quickly and is their first release since the Past Pacific EP in 2018, which Arun Kendall from Backseat Mafia described as “beautiful, crafted, intelligent pop.”