Our new EP – Past Pacific

The Nature Strip

Our new EP – Past Pacific

There’s a new release on the way from The Nature Strip – the Past Pacific EP. It’s our fifth record since 2013.

Past Pacific features some classic Pete Marley pop punches in “Just Like You Do” and “Dirty Looks” and two poles of John Encarnacao’s writing in the punk-pop of “Push the Past Away” and the spacey ballad “Store of Tomorrows.” Plus an unhinged cover of Aussie post-punkers Models’ classic “Atlantic Romantic”.

The Nature Strip are known, not only in their native Sydney, but to a growing international audience hipped to them by such influential blogs as I Don’t Hear a Single, CoolDadMusic and Absolute Power Pop. Both John and Pete have new projects in the works in the shape of an acoustic guitar and strings-based singer-songwriter album (John) and a loop-tastic home studio recorded set (Pete) which will see light in 2019. But for now, Past Pacific is plenty to get your teeth into.

The Nature Strip launch Past Pacific at Django’s @ Camelot on Friday 5 October.