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Great review of Presents in the SMH

A nice review of our latest album here in the Sydney morning Herald:

The Nature Strip
PRESENTS (China Pig Records)

For their second album, this Sydney four-piece continue to show they place far more importance on creating a damn good tune than trying to fit into any particular musical style. It is that preoccupation with off-centre pop songs that has largely led to regular and favourable comparisons to fellow non-conformists XTC. So while it may be an eclectic mix, it is well measured and perfectly controlled rather than a random mish mash. King Biggie gets into a grungy groove before breaking out into a summer-laden chorus. Shoes manages to mix the simple melody sensibilities of Simon and Garfunkel with the agitated pop of You Am I, while Deadly By Night can best be described as scurrying country. There is a light-hearted edge to a lot of the lyrics with lines such as: “Can I have another cup of tea, coffee’s just like a line of speed to me” in the bounding Cup Of Tea. It may all add to the quirkiness of the release, but the delivery and top-class musicianship are more than enough to ensure it is taken more seriously than that. There is plenty of warmth throughout this record, and it is magnified in the embracing Hammond organ sounds in closer The Geeks or the Fuzz. A very satisfying listen. PAUL SMITH